Having been in the buisiness of research and development for over 25 years, we realize the struggle of obtaining infrastructure funding in the academic world. Valuable as such research is for advancing fundamental and applied biomedical science, it is not always attainable to purchase sophisticated and expensive equipment like LOIS-3D.

In this regard, TomoWave Systems, Ltd. presents a unique opportunity to academic scientists and medical research scholars worldwide. As our new service feature, we offer our research facility, equipment and staff included, to be used for your projects in preclinical optoacustic imaging, both one-off and ongoing.

Upon your order we will design and/or execute imaging experiments on your behalf and provide you with the data and images, at a price affordable for your Grant funding.  Should you chose a path for collaborative research, we would like to be recognized as coauthors of your research. However, if we simply execute your research plan, we only request a proper reference to be given to the Laser Optoacoustic Imaging System (LOIS-3D) in subsequent publications.

For further detail and conditions of R&D Done 4U, please contact us at Research@TomoWave.com