TomoWave develops proprietary optoacoustic tomography and laser ultrasound systems for combined functional/molecular and anatomical imaging with applications in detection of cancer and image-guided interventions

TomoWave technology employs the principles of optoacoustic (photoacoustic or thermoacoustic) tomography. Laser Optoacoustic imaging System illuminates tissues by short laser pulses with dark red color. Absorption of laser energy specifically by tissue molecules selected by the wavelength of laser light increases tissue temperature to a small fraction of one degree, simultaneously generating local pressure. Thermal expansion of the heated voxels of tissue launches acoustic pressure waves (ultrasound). By measuring these ultrasound waves at different locations using arrays of transducers we obtain images of internal tissue structures and distribution of hemoglobin and other molecules of medical interest. By listening to the sound of light, TomoWave systems can help doctors to detect and diagnose cancer and potentially other notorious diseases using functional and molecular information.

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Laser Optoacoustic Ultrasonic Imaging System Assembly (LOUISA3D) is presently the main focus of commercialization

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imaging system for pre-clinical research

LOIS 3D combines light and sound to produce a three dimensional image of tissue-simulating phantoms, small animals, and other types of tissue submerged in the imaging module.

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imaging system for clinical research on breast cancer

Non-invasive clinical breast imaging that produces three-dimensional volumetric images of the breast, along with two-dimensional ultrasonic images for image co-registration.

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TomoWave Systems, Ltd. is dedicated to bring imaging technologies based on combination of light and sound into healthcare practice worldwide. Our team of scientists is dedicated to inventing new medical imaging modalities, while our engineers are experts in realizing the visions of our researchers by creating advanced medical imaging, sensing and therapy-monitoring systems.